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Nellie’s Hit Single CD Mr. Sexy Man $5.00 USD + $2.99 shpg and handling, $7.99 full price.



“Wanna Be With You” (Da’ Man 2005) $17.99 USD LISTEN

1. Baby Mama Drama
2. Super Woman
3. You Gone Make Me Cheat
4. Sex Machine
5. Teary Eyed
6. Good Lovin Daddy
7. One of These Days
8. Baby Baby Baby
9. I Wanna Be With You
10. If I Back It Up
11. Who’s Foolin Who ?
12. What You Won’t Do



Nellie “Tiger” Travis “I’m A Woman” CD $17.99 USD (CDS Records 2008) LISTEN

1. Don’t Know Where You’re Going (Intro)
2. I’m a Woman
3. Slap Yo’ Weave Off
4. Don’t Talk to Me
5. M.O.D.
6. Rock With You
7. I Saw It On Oprah
8. Who Knows You (Feat. Stan Mosley)
9. Candy Girl
10. Mama Didn’t Raise No Punks
11. Running On Empty
12. Amnesia



“I’m Going Out Tonight” CD $17.99 USD (Benevolent Blues 2011) LISTEN

1.Why Do You Lie Like That
2.Before You Grab This Tiger By The Tail
3.Ain’t Gonna Raise No Grown Ass Man
4.I’m Going Out Tonight
5.Tornado Wrapped In Fire
6.You Must Be Lovin’ Someone Else
7.I Cry The Blues
8.Born In Mississippi
10.There’s A Queen In Me